Other e-Government Related Solutions
The Malaysian Government has been exemplary in the e-Government initiatives and had indeed led the nation’s development of the information and communication technology. As HeiTech grow in tandem with the progress and advancement of ICT in the country, it also takes into account solutions that are related to e-Government, especially in the public services that continue to aspire to deliver excellent services. The e-Government Related Solutions includes enterprise solutions that take advantage of the all-pervading web platform that make inter-agency communication that much more prevalent.

Pension Management System


HeiTech Pension Management is a solution that streamlines and automates the administrative of pensioners in the public sector or its equivalent. The system create a single pension database linking respective agencies to facilitate the process of registration, distribution, monitoring and eventually the forward plan to improve the pensioners’ quality of living. The system supports the information and decision making needs of senior executives by providing strong reporting and drill-down capabilities.

HeiTech Pension Management system will be customized to suite your business needs and growth as your business expands. It helps to improve the turnaround time for transaction by facilitating seamless inter-agencies collaboration through online sharing of critical information. With our complete systems integration and development services, as well as our total custom software applications, we are confident of streamlining your agencies processes and services. Here we offer you a complete end to end customized developed solution through a combination of our proven systems integration capabilities and our long history of application development and maintenance.

HeiTech Pension Management system has been implemented in Public Service Department (PSD) of Malaysia since 2000 and recently in 2012 has undergone a major revamping and upgrading exercise to support the new technological advancement and business needs. The same solution has also been implemented for the Malaysian Army Veteran Department back in 2007.


HeiTech Pension Management system consists of the following core components:

Pension Registration and Processing System:
This module manages pension system requirements on pension registration, processing of pension application and benefits, pension medical claims and related functions.

Derivative Pension System:
This module manages death cases application that include processing of derivative pension benefits for the deceased dependents such as derivative pension, derivative gratuity, dependent’s pension and related benefits.

Pension Financial and Account System:
This module manages the functionality of Pension Financial and Accounting System such as processing of first payment, monthly payment, adhoc and other types of payments in the pension system.

Control and Enforcement System:
This module focused on enforcement, monitoring and update of pensioner or deceased pensioner’s beneficiary status in cases such as their death status, marriage, overseas exit, marriage of child reaching 18 or 21 years old, child studying in higher institution status (finish, quit or dismissed) and monitoring of child under 18 guardian.

Smart Helpdesk System:
This module enables recording, monitoring and tracking of request or complains.

Executive Information System:
The system facilitates and supports the information and decision making needs of senior executives by providing critical information and reporting with drill-down capabilities.

HeiTech Pension Management system provides a single personalized gateway for employees and management to access and organize all forms of stored information resources and application services in a secure, consistent and customizable manner. The solution framework is based on the following:

  • Personalized and customized access to information resources and applications services.
  • Informative and functionalities encourage self-taught.
  • User friendly interfaces enabling easy navigation to information resources and applications services.
  • Collaborative environment encourage inter and intra agencies collaboration.
  • Process automation with workflow features.
Some of the main features of HeiTech Pension Management system are:
  • Sophisticated, rules-based workflow system for distribution of tasks and approval of decisions.
  • Task lists which link directly to the screen where the respective due task can be completed.
  • Rules-based assignment of tasks to individuals or groups of persons.
  • Approval and redirection based on user authentication.
  • General access restrictions, such as working hours, can be assigned to groups and individuals.
  • Integrated reporting module for column and free-format reporting.
  • Flexible search mechanisms providing advanced search features

Some of the key benefit of HeiTech Pension Management system are:

  • Built upon proven technology with comparatively minimum customisation.
  • User empowerment and ease of use
  • Flexibility in handling structured and unstructured data
  • Strict adherence to open standards.
  • Rapid implementation.
  • Cost-efficient and rapid extensibility to accommodate system enhancements.
  • Cross-Information sharing between agencies with the use of one integrated platform.
  • Seamless XML-based integration with any outside services.

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