Other e-Government Related Solutions
The Malaysian Government has been exemplary in the e-Government initiatives and had indeed led the nation’s development of the information and communication technology. As HeiTech grow in tandem with the progress and advancement of ICT in the country, it also takes into account solutions that are related to e-Government, especially in the public services that continue to aspire to deliver excellent services. The e-Government Related Solutions includes enterprise solutions that take advantage of the all-pervading web platform that make inter-agency communication that much more prevalent.

Inter-Agency Link-Up System


Improving service level of public services has always been a focused for any Institution. The Governments move to apply ‘No wrong door’ policy aims to institutionalize quality and efficient services to the public. This strategy envisions the citizens to receive easily accessible quality services from their government.

This mission has been the driver at HeiTech to facilitate the enhancement of public services by enabling fast and efficient delivery of Public Services to the nation.

The public service gateway offered by HeiTech through our Java Integrated Application Suite (JIAS 1.0) which is a homegrown data interchange application that enables the public to make payment or renewal of various Government and Private agencies services through servicing counters such as Banks, Post Offices, Local Councils and etc on a near real time transaction.

Our Gateway engine has been implemented since 1994 to deliver the services of Road Transport Department over Pos Malaysia Counter. Initially our gateway is known as Public Service Network (PSN).

In 2011, the PSN has been upgraded to support web services that enables transactions be performed over common popular web browsers on which we now brand the gateway as JIAS 1.0. The JIAS 1.0 gateway can now be connected through Web Services and be expanded further to other collection counter and servicing agencies.

JIAS 1.0 gateway enables cross platform data interchange between enterprise systems to perform real time transactions without the needs of having any data residing at the transacting counter or third party portal apart from transaction logs for reporting and audit purposes. Data are being accessed and update on real time. This scenario is ideal for agencies that wish to channel out their services to third party agencies for eg. Paying bills at participating convenience store.

  • The JIAS 1.0 is built on HeiTech’s UNISOF framework that leans on JAVA based technology.
  • The framework ensures rapid development and deployment regardless of the platform and communication medium be it on traditional mainframes or open platform.
  • JIAS 1.0 integrates the enterprise systems through a web service concept thus allowing the services to be accessed through common Web Browser.
  • Enquiries, validations and updates are managed on real-time thus at the same time eliminates the need of tedious batch processing. As the JIAS 1.0 gateway stores the transaction log, data transfer can be validated with the main host system in cases of discrepancy.
  • Currently our JIAS 1.0 gateway supports Road Transport Department services which are being transacted over post office counters nationwide that includes:
    - Renewal of Competence Driver License (CDL)
    - Renewal of Learners Driver License (LDL)
    - Renewal of Road Tax (LKM)
    - Summons Enquiry Print Out
    - JPJ and AES Summons Payment

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