Other e-Government Related Solutions
The Malaysian Government has been exemplary in the e-Government initiatives and had indeed led the nation’s development of the information and communication technology. As HeiTech grow in tandem with the progress and advancement of ICT in the country, it also takes into account solutions that are related to e-Government, especially in the public services that continue to aspire to deliver excellent services. The e-Government Related Solutions includes enterprise solutions that take advantage of the all-pervading web platform that make inter-agency communication that much more prevalent.

Hajj Management System


Muslims from all around the world aspire to perform ‘Hajj’ at least once in their lifetime.More than 20 million pilgrims converge on the holy city of Makkah and Madinah every year.The movement of pilgrims in such large scale creates challenges for the host country (Saudi Arabia) as well as countries of their origin. Therefore Hajj Affairs Offices around the world require a reliable and well-designed system to facilitate management of financial functions, pre-Hajj services as well as services during Hajj period to the pilgrims.

HeiTech Hajj Management System offers a solution consisting of best-of-breed technologies that best suits core business requirements of a Hajj Affairs Office. Our Hajj Management System is a modular and highly scalable electronic web based system.It is the efficient system that manages to reduce processing time, eliminate inefficiencies and ultimately ensuring a smooth process of handling thousands of pilgrims from the original country to Makkah.

Hajj Management System Modules:

  • Hajj Pre-Registration Management
  • Hajj Pilgrim Management
  • Hajj Course Management
  • Hajj Official (Biksah) Management
  • Hajj Flight Management
  • Hajj Medical Management
  • Hajj Portal Management
  • Hajj Fee Management
  • Portal
    All information related to Hajj will be published inside the portal. It can be retrieved at anywhere and anytime.
  • Inquiry Screen
    All inquiries on pilgrims information can be accessed by authorized user depends on the User Level Access granted.
  • Online registration
    To speed up registration process and reduce time spending in front of the counter.
  • Electronic Document Management
    To transfer physical documents into an electronic based and upload into the system for easy retrieval in the future.
  • Messaging
    Integrate with email or SMS to send alert or information within the system.
  • The workflow management
    Ability to route to individual or to user group as the routing is based on users’ roles.
  • Reporting and Chart Solution
  • Integration Middleware/Agency Interface Manager
    Inter-operability technology shall largely be based on Web service. The integration sub-system can also be construed as the middleware that operate as an enterprise service bus within the overall system architecture. It shall function as the single point of entry for external and other internal systems inter-operability.
  • Technology Framework Solution
    is based on Web technology where the presentation layer shall be implemented as a browser type user interface.
  • Database Solution
    a centralised and integrated database system to ensure single version of the truth. The approach is based on a single point update, which will reduce duplication and improve database management, which will in turn result in higher data integrity.
  • Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the Hajj Management process by providing up-to-date and accurate information to support decision making, evaluation and planning.
  • Increases operational performance in terms of increase speed of processing of hajj applications
  • Provides a well-managed, highly available and highly secured online Hajj Management System – 24x7 access.
  • Minimizes the usage of paper to gain financial benefits
  • Technical architecture design facilitates growth, scalability, redundancy and inter-operability,
  • Ensure system high availability and able to facilitate growth in system performance requirements.

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