Middleware Products
Middleware has been defined as "The software layer that lies between the operating system and applications on each side of a distributed computing system in a network." While we provide you with some of the best Enterprise Solutions you can find, there is always a need for middleware in your enterprise application integration and data integration. As our value added business solutions, we offer at least four middleware products that include the Hybrid Client for your front-end and counter-based system; Device Service Server that among other features a cross application capabilities and simple system management tools; HeiTech Exchange Server that ease communication among system and RFID Middleware that is pertinent for tracking and library systems. Our middleware products can be message oriented or object request brokers and especially integral towards the success of the enterprise solutions selected for your organization.

Hybrid Client
A seamless system calls for the smooth interface between different protocols and hence there is a need for a middleware that allows for:
  • A transaction framework that provides a set of components common for front-end and counter-based system in public sector and banks.
  • Hybrid Client is needed for a front-end system to communicate to their host.
Features & Benefits
  • Based on smart client
  • Rich user interface
  • Support various protocols such as SOAP, HTTP, TCP-IP, SNA
  • Screens are XML based
  • Parameterized approach – ease of customization
  • Central deployment of software and updates thru ClickOnce deployment technology
  • Offline/On-line
  • Drag and drop capabilities for screen creation – Using Hybrid Client Studio

Device Service Server
Sharing and integration need cross platform capabilities and this middleware is integral for:
  • Handling device integration and device sharing.
  • Uniform APIs to access device.
  • Interoperable between platforms
  • Banks,public sector those systems with local devices.
  • Device sharing among applications and workstations
  • Cross platform capabilities
  • Support Web Service, HTTP, XML and Cloud
  • Simple and Common APIs
  • Enable browser based applications to control local devices
  • Simple system management tool for configurations

HeiTech Exchange Server
Another middleware product that provides for:
  • The ease of communication among systems using heterogeneous network protocols
  • Bridging legacy to Internet & Mobile world
  • Organizations with the needs to integrate systems in heterogeneous environment
  • Extending legacy services to new channels
  • Protect current investment
  • Cross-platform
  • Reduce communication cost
  • Simplify programmer’s task
  • Support SOA via Web Service
  • Simple System Management Tool
  • Multi-threading technology
  • Protocol switching and data transformation

RFID Middleware
Available in suites that feature material tracking system and library system, RFID Middleware:
  • Act as the backbone to all RFID implementation.
  • Act as middleman between RFID devices and application systems.
  • RFID Suite:-
    - Asset/Material Tracking
    - Human Tracking
    - Forestry Harvesting
    - Library System
    - Visitor Management
    - Attendance System
    - Door Access
Material Tracking System
  • For Asset, Weapon, Timber, Vehicle etc.
  • Ability to track and trace materials
  • Functions include tagging of materials with RFID, tracking, tracing, reports, administration.
  • Supports different type of RFID.
  • Can be integrated to existing Asset Management System.
  • Provides interfacing methods:-
    - Via Queue (EAI)
    engine-MsMQ,IBMWebsphere MQ Series
    - Via Web Services,XML or SOAP
    - Via database- Work Order insertion
  • The same interface can be used for sending alerts(alarm, SMS, email)to applications,specific terminals or sensors.
Library System
  • Comes with 2 modules:-
    - Cataloguing – Z39.52 MARC format,
    OPAC enquiry.
    - Circulation-support SIP2 and NCIP for
    interfacing with external systems.
  • Book drop kiosk, self-service kiosk
    - Automated check-in,check-out of books
    - Integration with SIP2 compliance Library
  • Can be integrated with Surveillance System (gantry)

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