Business Process Outsourcing
Outsourcing is one of the business process that resulted from the IT-based enterprise and business solutions - an increasingly favorable business approach adopted and welcomed by huge organization that look for improved efficiency and productivity; and small companies that seek enhanced resources in their respective business processes. HeiTech’s instrumental role in addressing the paperless e-Government challenges made it that much more proficient in addressing your needs for outsourcing your business processes.

Electronic Bill Presentment


Billing is one of the more tedious business processes that has made electronic billing widely accepted and embraced by organizations and the public alike. Physical delivery of bills, statements and notifications has always been a concern for ‘bulk mailers’ such as banks, utility companies, government agencies and others. They have to heavily invest in the time consuming process of printing and physical delivery of statements.

Our solution enables affordable, fast and secure delivery of statements while enhancing customer experience. More importantly, there will be a substantial reduction in environmental impacts and carbon footprints of the organization.

What is Greenvelope?
A solution to replace conventional paper bills and statements with smart electronic equivalents, delivered via an online self-service portal or email. GreENvelope allows high -volume and secure electronic delivery of any kind of system-generated document.


Security & Encryption
GreENvelope uses 128 AES security encryption to generate PDF files from templates and the database. This allows the billers to use third party emailing services without neglecting sensitive data security.

Smart Statements
Interactive PDF generated is a smart file that is user editable form with integration capability to the back end system.

GreENvelope enables sending reminders or alerts to encourage early payments/ actions by the end users.

Password Protected PDF
With GreENvelope advanced security options mailers can even password-protect important statements by using AES or PKI standards.

Track, Monitoring & Reporting
The reporting module enables the system admin to track and monitor extraction and delivery of emails in addition to reporting on number of sent, opened or bounced emails.

Scheduled Email Delivery
GreENvelope allows administrator to set schedule on delivery of all outgoing statements.


Instant Savings
Elimination of papers and physical delivery, results in measurable savings and ultimately you can achieve ROI in short term.

Fast Implementation
As soon as templates are created and data is converted, you are ready to send emails. Basically you only need an email data base of your clients!

Environmental Advantages
This total paperless solution not only saves your costs, but also helps you save the environment and decrease your carbon footprint.

Personalized Marketing Opportunity
GreENvelope supports incorporating personalized messages and targeted advertising embedded either in the PDF attachment or the email body.

Faster Response
With the secure online payment option embedded in the interactive statements, customers can easily make payments as soon as receipt of the bills. This can drive faster response from the client.

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