Industry Focus


HeiTech delivers innovative multi-model transport solutions and create centralised car and driver databases. We also integrate information systems for transport authorities that cover multiple functions.

This set-up facilitates a seamless link of communication and the sharing of data between other government agencies and transport authorities, vehicle inspection bodies, car manufacturers/dealers and insurance companies through the Agency-Link Up System. It also allows the transport authorities greater internal control of information on citizens. These innovative solutions resulted in the public enjoying ease and convenience to perform daily transactions such the renewal of driver’s licenses and road tax.

The Road Transport Authority Management Systems,RTAMS, for instance, allows for better management in registration, licensing and enforcement that further improve time and cost saving, efficiency and accuracy.

• Meanwhile local councils and car manufacturers benefited from the Vehicle Information System Integration,VISI, an integrated solution which enables authorized parties to have an automated interface to JPJ system. It is cost effective, leveraging on the HeiTech’s technical expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure for ease of access to the application and tools, as well as mitigating business risk for the customers. Enhanced and more secured systems and applications are the necessities of today’s businesses that are increasingly becoming very dependent on the prevailing technologies and technological know-how.

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