Industry Focus

The last three decades had seen the number of car owners grew at very high rates as Malaysian became increasingly more affluent and owning a car is becoming easier.This trend will continue to develop and calls for ease of process that covers licensing, enforcement and revenue that are effective in terms of time and cost, with speed as one of the prerequisite for an industry that are still on the rise. HeiTech offers a seamless solution base on the latest the technology has to offer; served by some of the best ICT teams in the land.

Vehicle Information System Integration


VISI is an integrated solution that enables authorized parties to have an automated interface to JPJ system. It consists of a server system hosting a multiple heterogeneous servers that appears as a single high performance system on the Internet. It provides access to back-end facilities such as databases or repositories. The architecture of VISI application is structured to sit on Heitech security enabled cloud platform. Leveraging on the power and flexibility of cloud technology enables clients to transform their existing system while incurring savings on a wide range of aspects including financial, service management, storage, and much more. HeiTech VISI utilizes cloud technology and leverage on our state-of-the-art infrastructure to offer authorized parties seamless, secure and standardized data integration for transmitting and retrieving vehicle data to and from JPJ system.


Local Council

  • Retrieve Vehicle and Owner Information from Road Transport Department
  • Submit blacklist details to Road Transport Department
  • Update blacklist status to Road Transport Department
  • Inter-agency summon payment (e.g. local council summon paid at Road Transport Department counter)
  • Road Transport Department summon update to local council
  • Road Transport Department – local council data sharing / sync

Car Manufacturer

  • Compliant with Road Transport Department requirement to integrate with Road Transport Authority Management System
  • Seamless connection with Road Transport Management System
  • Replace the current manual registration process
  • Registration process is done near real time with speedy approval
  • Vehicle plan can be submitted electronically

VISI will deliver significant benefits to customer as JPJ’s business partner by:

  • Accelerating the way partner transmitting data to Road Transport Authority Management System,
  • Through effective, powerful and economic integration solution,
  • Leveraging on HeiTech’s technical expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure to have access to the application,
  • Providing immediate and affordable access to the application, tools and infrastructure at the same time helping customer to mitigate business risk,
  • Providing high availability with minimal incremental cost by taking advantages of the deployment of latest hardware and software,
  • Highly cost efficient / low priced hosted services and fully managed services which lead to hassle free experience of cloud services,
  • Availability of highly scalable services, customer will enjoys resilience of ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis,
  • No need of any huge Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) for establishment of a dedicated IT services’ network and collocation and no need of every time increasing Operational Expenditure (OPEX) for management and maintenance of the dedicated server networks,
  • Customer will be able to avoid the needs to manage costly human resources for maintenance of dedicated Information technology networks,
  • Customer will get 24×7 backup customer services which is a huge plus of HeiTech’s cloud services,
  • No worries of license managements and upgrade of the software and platforms, and
  • Customer need not to plan, undertake and implement massive projects, thus saving substantial amount of money.

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