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The last three decades had seen the number of car owners grew at very high rates as Malaysian became increasingly more affluent and owning a car is becoming easier.This trend will continue to develop and calls for ease of process that covers licensing, enforcement and revenue that are effective in terms of time and cost, with speed as one of the prerequisite for an industry that are still on the rise. HeiTech offers a seamless solution base on the latest the technology has to offer; served by some of the best ICT teams in the land.

Road Transport Authority Management System


The growth in production, ownership and maintenance of vehicles demand a reliable management system to ensure smooth, end-to-end operation of the transportation sector in any country.

RTAMS was developed to provide the transport authority with a system that manages the following procedures efficiently and effectively:

  • Registration
  • Licensing
  • Enforcement
  • Revenue Collection

Registration Management, Registrations of new vehicles transpired on a daily basis by hundreds of thousands of agents from car dealers on behalf of their customers. Its a process that involved lots of information being transferred to the authority. RTAMS eases the process, transferring information from the vehicle model number, vehicle plan to the new owner’s driving license details. RTAMS operates systematically and instantly for the convenience of all involves in the process – customers, the relative agents and the various authorities involved.

Licensing Management
Every drivers would agree how tedious the process can be in obtaining a driving license. RTAMS ensures an immediate and speedy process – a process that used to take at least one week is now reduced to just couple of days. Test results, road tax and permit approval are instantaneous much to the delights of every parties involved, the authorities and particularly the customers.

Enforcement Management
RTAMS stores all drivers’ particulars, including their road taxes and driving licenses that in turn ease the enforcement process. Authorities will have the convenience of identifying drivers’ fault, categorises their offences and execute the reprimands accordingly. With this system, any vehicle confiscation or court processes will be handled immediately delicately to everyone’s convenience.

Revenue Management
RTAMS, with its automated program, sorts and delegates all monetary transactions systematically for the convenience of drivers and authorities. RTAMS also segregates various transactions including payment for traffic offences, road tax renewal, bank deposits and other transactions accordingly to the right accounts and provide the participating authorities with accurate profit and loss and a happy balance sheet at business closing hour

Time saving – RTAMS facilitates the process of issuing license and registration thus cutting turnaround time from a week to just couple of days.

Efficiency – The system enables data to be entered intuitively hence increase efficiency of the frontliners in serving customers.

Cost saving – Electronic transfer of documents shortens process time and eliminates the need to physically submit forms. Cost of material and travel can be reduced when partners deal with road authority.

Accuracy – Automated system reduces human interference thus lessen human error in data generation and keeping.

Informative – System can generate reports at intervals determined by users therefore enables information to be shared across.

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