Industry Focus

National Security

HeiTech offers the full breadth of integrated homeland security systems that range from citizen’s identification and travel documents to border control management. We manage centralised databases of citizens’ births, deaths, marriages, adoptions and divorces, thereby offering a seamless collaboration between multiple internal operational units and other government agencies.

The systems fully operational, citizens now enjoy greater ease and convenience when carrying out identification, travel or immigration transactions besides receiving their identity cards and passports in record time. Governments meanwhile enjoy a higher degree of control at the country’s entry and exit points while having the ability to share information through centralised databases and Agency Link-Up Systems.

As HeiTech formulates customised products and services for our clients. Apart from that, we also offer off the shelves products such as the identification management system, PintarID - one of the outcomes from the years of providing services in security for the government. As mobility improves and travel becomes easier with the accompanying downsides that have the potential for adversities, the need for security has increased tremendously over recent years.

Enhanced and more secured systems and applications are the necessities of today’s businesses that are increasingly becoming very dependent on the prevailing technologies and technological know-how.

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