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National Security    

Governments around the world are facing growing need for modernized e-government services. Increase in the population, travel and migration on one hand with alarmingly high security threats and identity thefts on the other hand, create genuine need for reliable identity management systems.

PintarID is an Identity Management Solution that covers the entire end-to-end process from registration to issuance of ID Documents, capable of producing smart documents with latest security features and embedded biometrics information that are compliant with international standards and fully interoperable. PintarID is applicable to various public sector organizations that require Identification Management or Enforcement as a partial or a complete solution to issue different types of secure and smart documents.

The scope, scale, depth and importance of national projects necessitate a technology partner with an absolute understanding, experience, resource and skills set in delivering such projects in a timely and highly efficient manner. With overwhelming credentials, impeccable track record and strength in resources, HeiTech is positioned as a reliable technology partner to governments around the world.
Our PintarID solutions promote good governance, government integration and technology reforms:

e-Government Roadmap: Our citizen-centric solutions are designed around the key concept of e-Government (SMART -Simple Moral Accountable, Responsive and Transparent Government) which contribute significantly towards the transformation roadmap of the country
Modernization of public services: We modernize government services through reengineering and automating business processes and incorporating the latest technologies 
Public satisfaction: Enhancing the public service delivery positively influences citizen’s satisfaction and confidence in the government
Affordable total cost of ownership: We work on flexible and innovative business models to suit budget constraints and accommodate financial requirements of our clients. 
Homeland security: Incorporating latest technologies to ensure producing and authenticating forgery resistant identification documents helps governments to safeguard public security as well as preventing criminal activities.


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PintarID corresponds to governments’ requirements of national registration and population management which covers registration of key life events of citizens and residents including birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, citizenship and death.

PintarID Civil Registration Management offers a centralized population information database (demographic and biometric) with Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) and enables issuance of National Identification Card or related certificates.

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Globalization, tourism developments and economic interdependencies have led to growth in international travels and now it is in hands of governments to facilitate this process and bring convenience for low-risk high volume travelers around the world.

Governments are also responsible for protecting their borders against ever increasing fraud, trafficking and criminal activities. This increases the importance of utilising state of the art technologies in order to boost borders security as well as anti-fraud screening.

We believe effective border management as the key control mechanism of immigration, is only attainable when these processes are backed by interconnected automated systems in compliance with international standards.

PintarID Border Management System addresses the needs of border control agencies for a secured and efficient processing of travelers, balancing control and convenience requirements at both manned immigration counters as well as automated immigration gates.

The system covers automatic data capturing, real-time watch list checking, automatic visa requirement verification and validation, tracking travelers’ movement information, and biometric enrolment of travelers. 

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According to Interpol estimates, there are more than 10 million stolen or lost passports in circulation and passport fraud is increasingly becoming a major global threat.

Passport related crimes in general are committed in relation with concealing a person’s identity (i.e. fugitives and terrorists), facilitating criminal activities (eg. drug trafficking, alien smuggling, and even financial crimes (eg. bank fraud).

All of which result, either directly or indirectly, in highly damaging consequences to public safety and public revenue. To effectively combat the threat of passports fraud, it is crucial for Government authorities charged with issuing passports and related travel documents to apply technologies that can ensure producing and authenticating forgery resistant travel documents.

Be it a move from non-machine readable passports (non-MRPs) to machine readable passports (MRPs); MRPs to biometric passports (e-Passports); or even non-MRPs straight to e-Passports, PintarID offers a full suite solution to enable the implementation of a highly secure, robust and efficient passport issuance system fully compliant with ICAO and ISO standards.

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In today’s information society, electronic services are increasingly becoming indispensable. Citizen-oriented services are now at the center of any e-government transformation program and the building block of these initiatives is the establishment of e-ID programs.

Citizen’s electronic identity is an invaluable asset to the government and an enabler of social justice and welfare. 

 PintarID Card Issuance is a complete end-to-end solution for issuance of smart cards featuring the latest security features and embedded biometrics information that are compliant with international standards and fully interoperable. 


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With the growth of economy and global interdependencies, international travelling has significantly increased. Nowadays, many countries rely heavily on economic contributions by tourism industry, international students, expatriates and migrant labors.

Governments on one hand are facing pressure to facilitate travel and promote tourism, while on the other hand they are concerned with pressing security and immigration risks.

Without a proper global visa issuance system it seems impossible to balance the security of the country with the convenience of travelers. An efficient visa issuance process can even create and enhance the tourism industry hence creating jobs and stimulating the economy.

PintarID offers a full suite solution for global visa issuance, with a centralized approach that is deployable at any visa issuing location including embassies, diplomatic missions and one-stop-centers around the world. 


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