Industry Focus


The increasing demand for proficiency as well as efficiency in challenging as well as competitive healthcare services, call for improved business processes, time saving and almost paperless environment for health institutions urged HeiTech to develop the Hospital Management System that takes into account the complexities and sensitivities of the medical and healthcare industry and still maintains the security and integrity of all patients’ data. We successfully integrate all key processes and transactions across health institutions such as registrations, appointments, clinic management consultations, billing and payments as well as the generating of reports.

We also built a database of patients’ information thereby enabling a seamless collaboration between other agencies and health institutions. HeiTech’s innovative services are the critical factor that enable the more cost-effective solutions for hospital systems and yet able to accommodate entire administrative and clinical departments. This resulted with the establishment of more efficient, time-sensitive healthcare system through the sharing of patient records across public and private healthcare institutions.

At the same time, the exploiting positively advantageous Cloud technology allows HeiTech the ability to develop the Clinic Information System that leads to a more secured database management pertaining to information on patients. Enhancing seamless communication between the clinic administrator and doctors, it also speeds up the turnaround time of patient data from one clinic process function to another.

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