Industry Focus

The advancements of information technology penetrates every aspects of today’s fast moving lifestyle that expect high standard services and the healthcare has become an industry that pursue excellence in delivery like never before. Sharing of information is very pertinent to ensure superior and quality healthcare for patients. Needless to say, patients near and afar has come to expect the best from the organizations that offers services for their physical wellbeing – at clinics as well as semi and full service hospitals. HeiTech takes advantage of the Cloud technology, to make the information system for healthcare services seamless and cost effective.

Clinic Information System

Cloud based clinic management software for use by general practitioner private clinics. Allows the patient data be kept in secure and confidential cloud database whilst allowing the clinic to manage its patient from patient registration, consultation with doctors, prescribing of medicine to payment for consultation and medicine by the patient. Cloud model allows the clinic to subscribe the software as a service rather than paying as a onetime software licensing.

  • Device independent
  • Browsed on latest internet browser preferably Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozila Firefox
  • Latest info on the clinic management system, the provider and login access from single portal at
  • Secure and confidential patient record storage provided at HeiTech managed data center
  • Ready template for doctor consultation that adopt the standard of Outpatient management practice in Malaysian Public Hospital
  • Subscription based on pay per use
  • Instant dashboard view of clinic operation and commercial performance
Operation Benefits
  • Hassle free search of patient record instead of retrieval of physical patient record card
  • Seamless communication between the clinic administrator and doctors
  • Fast turnaround time of patient data from one clinic process function to another
Commercial Benefits
  • Subscription fee of H2Care is based on OPEX instead of CAPEX
  • Eliminate cost of patient data error
  • Shorten time for patient record retrieval therefore increase cost efficiency for patient encounter

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