Industry Focus

Financial Services
The Financial Industry is particularly prudent when it comes to deploying its systems. It is crucial for it to be seamless and above all to have an integrity that is beyond reproach. The need to comply with various rules and regulations, as well as to be able to be agile, makes this industry one of the most challenging. HeiTech offers integrated system for Islamic banking as well as the conventional banking and for insurance that meet with the requirements of today’s more sophisticated business process to satisfy the increasingly demanding end users.

Life Insurance & Reinsurance Integrated System


LIRIS Life Insurance & Reinsurance Integrated System is a web enabled, customer centric, completely integrated, Graphical User Interface (GUI), on-line real time, designed to manage and control life insurance activities.

LIRIS modules cover:

  • General Ledger System, Accounts Receivables and Payables.
  • Client and Policy Administration
  • Unit Link Products
  • Unit Accounting System
  • Reinsurance and Claims
  • Producers and Commission Administration
  • Front Office Module for Bancassurance
  • Loans Management
  • MIS reports and Management of Customer Documents

  • Has built in interfaces with several sales channel: banks(bancassurance),mobile sales.
  • Transactions are processed in on-line real time mode.
  • An open architecture structure that enables smooth integration or interfacing with different third party systems.
  • Divided into modules and can be installed as need or required.
  • Modules share common information.
  • Manage group and user profiles that offer a personalised menu defines on a need-to-use basis.
  • Offer customizable multilingual standard forms,labels and prompts.
  • Support transactions in different currencies with currency tracking & trading.
  • Fully automated that able to streamline processes and reduce human intervention and errors.
  • Reduce paper works, work redundancy and operation cost.
  • Ensure data integrity of user profile with high security system.
  • Flexible in facilitating rapid introduction of new products and business processes

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