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The potential for calamities and adversities have been alarming in recent decades, urging governments the world over to tighten up their defences. Working closely with the national defence outfit, allows HeiTech to offer extensive range of products and solutions that include modelling and simulation for training, planning and real time operational requirements, customised application developments, integration for command and control systems as well as ICT security services.

These products that include Simulated Interactive Maintenance Aid(SIMA) that presents all components of a weapon system in digital format which are critical for both operation and maintenance; Integrated Training & Tactical Command Control System designed to fulfil the needs that military organisations have to train new commanders and conduct mission planning, rehearsing and re-appraisals of missions by means of user friendly and scalable in terms of size and environment; Security Assessment Services tests the effectiveness of your organisation’s information security controls by investigating your system through scenario playing thereby enabling necessary measures to be taken before the systems are compromised; Weapon Management & Surveillance System(WMSS) - a secured electronic weapons storage rack complete with biometric access, inventory audit trails, RFID and a weapon tracking system that optimize the efficiency of personal while reducing their workloads with minimum supervision and zero error; and the Synthetic Visual Environment System (SYVES) is a virtual training simulator for military personnel that include the air, maritime and land based simulation.

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