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HeiTech understands that the defence of every nation is very much dependent on her resources that include the human factors as well as the technological assets. This insight comes from our experience working with the Ministry of Defence in its training at both entry and advanced levels. Taking virtual reality into the realm of military training – new cadets as well as comandering officers in strategic planning to engagement. Systems and services that are designed for various aspects of military defence.

Weapon Management & Surveillance System

WMSS is a secured electronic weapons storage rack complete with biometric access, inventory audit trails, RFID and a weapon tracking system. It provides information on who, what, where and each weapon is deployed, allowing real time tracking of individual weapons through LAN/WAN. Components include weapon racks, biometric verification, RFID tags, indoor and outdoor sensors, tracking system and computer monitoring peripherals. The system caters to all types of rifles, small arms, pistols, grenades and small arms ammunitions.

  • Technology can uniquely identify the type and weight of each weapon secured in the rack
  • Integrated with a biometric system to identify/ synchronize with owner
  • Provides a visual display of weapon movement on monitoring screens
  • Facilitates network real time weapon data in armouries to superior officers at units, logistics departments and formations and regional commanders
  • Racks fit to decentralised or centralised armoury building and size allows flexibility to meet all armoury building layouts
  • Weapon racks are secured with individual weapon weight sensors
  • Functions an independent rack or in network environments either in camp buildings or out in the field.
  • Maximises efficiency and reduces workload for personnel with minimum supervision and zero error
  • Easy handling and training

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