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HeiTech understands that the defence of every nation is very much dependent on her resources that include the human factors as well as the technological assets. This insight comes from our experience working with the Ministry of Defence in its training at both entry and advanced levels. Taking virtual reality into the realm of military training – new cadets as well as comandering officers in strategic planning to engagement. Systems and services that are designed for various aspects of military defence.

Synthetic Visual Environment System

SYVES is a virtual training simulator for military personnel. With SYVES industry-leading image generators, software and display systems are incorporated into simulators for tactical operational training. SYVES meets with the highest level of fidelity and reliability effectively enhancing the realism of trainings as close to the real world operational experience.

  • The SYVES solution features industry leading image generators as well as software and display systems that are incorporated into simulators for tactical and operational training.
  • SYVES’s advanced capability allows for broader linking of simulations, the extension of concepts simulated, and even the potential mix of real and simulated systems within one virtual environment.
  • SYVES also provides a highly realistic view of the outside world, which can be manipulated to stimulate environmental conditions with complex missions and virtual players.
  • Visual library is suitable for air, maritime and land based simulation
  • Multiple resolutions are possible through a combination of satellite images (geo-typical) and generic images (geo-synthetic)
  • Can be used in numerous modes - for Out The Window [OTW], NVG, FLIR and RADAR real-time simulation
  • Provides volumetric cloud and volumetric light for realistic environment conditions
  • Presents high quality special effects, smoke, explosions, fire and missile trails
  • Sun, moon and star positioning corresponds with date and time
  • Image blends for seamless multi display solutions

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