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HeiTech understands that the defence of every nation is very much dependent on it resources that include the human factors as well as the technological assets. This insight comes from our experience working with the Ministry of Defence in its training at both entry and advanced levels. Taking virtual reality into the realm of military training – new cadets as well as comandering officers in strategic planning to engagement. Systems and services that are designed for various aspects of military defence.

Simulated Interactive Maintenance Aid


SIMA is a solution that provides operators with a state-of-the-art approach to practical training for maintenance. It is designed to enhance the realism of Cadet Basic Training (CBT) by providing a virtual training environment for operators. SIMA presents all components of a weapon system in digital format.

SIMA is divided into two main modules:
  1. Training Aids – an interactive 3D model developed in-house to:
    • Demonstrate and elaborate operation principles
    • Conduct practical platforms
    • Conduct trouble shooting exercises
    • Conduct competency tests

  2. Centralised Knowledge Repository – retains the knowledge created during training so it can be used for future training. The system hardware can be supported with readily available and commercial off-the-shelf products while the system’s database incorporates all actual digital-scaled component objects and data as per systems involved.
Contains operational and maintenance information regarding the following:
  • Basic characteristics, compositions and purpose
  • Basic principles of operations and controls
  • Maintenance technology and test methods technology
  • Installation, removal, shipment, storage
  • Basic failures and malfunction including troubleshooting methods with the privilege of growing the data and its method of approach

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