Industry Focus

HeiTech understands that the defence of every nation is very much dependent on her resources that include the human factors as well as the technological assets. This insight comes from our experience working with the Ministry of Defence in its training at both entry and advanced levels. Taking virtual reality into the realm of military training – new cadets as well as comandering officers in strategic planning to engagement. Systems and services that are designed for various aspects of military defence.

Security Assessment Services

Services that include the Penetrating Test that assess the effectiveness of an organization’s information security controls to investigate the system from the perspective of a potential attacker. Enabling necessary measures to be taken before the systems are compromised.
  • Scoping - assessing appropriate targets and ‘test types’ for testing
  • Discovery - building information about a network and its services
  • Vulnerability analysis - testing systems and services for known vulnerabilities
  • Penetration - assessing the appropriate targets and test types for testing
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Multi-platform capability
    - Web application using technologies such as ASP,
    JSP, PHP, CGI, Java etc.
    - Unix and Windows OS platforms
    - Supports HTTPS/SSL websites
  • Comprehensive and objective reporting for all levels in the organisation from top management to technical personnel with recommendations on how to better protect assets

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