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HeiTech understands that the defence of every nation is very much dependent on her resources that include the human factors as well as the technological assets. This insight comes from our experience working with the Ministry of Defence in its training at both entry and advanced levels. Taking virtual reality into the realm of military training – new cadets as well as comandering officers in strategic planning to engagement. Systems and services that are designed for various aspects of military defence.

Integrated Training & Tactical Command Control System


ITACCS is designed to take military training of newly promoted commanders, integrating into it tactical command control by conducting mission planning, rehearsing and re-appraisals of missions. Providing for the preparation of Mission Training & Evaluation Plans (MTEPs) as well as to exercise and evaluate internal staff training and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

  • Incorporate NTDS symbols
  • Templates for easy creation of various entities, dynamic shapes and objects as well as reference points
  • Touch Screen Interaction
  • Time Tunnelling
  • Reports and analysis
  • Faster scans and vector maps/charts, including satellite images with environmental and weather input
  • A cost effective computerised simulation for operational planning and training
  • Simple table-top concept is easily understood and operated using a Touch Driven Interface
  • Allows either fixed systems or mobile systems and can be operated in a network environment
  • Able to handle a growing number of participants and accommodate growth in user requirements
  • Applicable for sea, land and air
  • Can be coupled with the SYVES solution to enable a synthetic environment view of planned exercises

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