Our people are a component of our valued assets apart from other physical assets, businesses, brands and infrastructure. While IT is the backbone of our business, obviously, as in any organisation, human resources in other aspects of management and operation sustain every business. The diversity of our employees and the unique perspectives they bring to HeiTech that includes functional roles within the company, the markets and industries we serve, further enrich the fabrics of the organisation that made what HeiTech is today. HeiTech practices equal opportunity approach in its treatment of employees at all level, regardless their length of service, educational background, age, race, gender and ethnicity.



HeiTech realised that it can only grow stronger if its human capital are strengthen through structured and well planned Human Capital Development. It is an essential part of our ongoing endeavors to advance the competencies, ability and knowledge of our people, to ensure quality deliveries to our customers. Every employees are required to enhance their skills through selective training courses that meet the ICT industry’s standards. Experienced managers that have attained middle management level, need to sharpen and harness their leadership capabilties to be effective operational leaders, group or department managers who work with multiple peers, often across functions.

LDP helps to build their skills and confidence and ultimately resulted in the development of leaders with stronger sense of commitment and self-confidence. LDP participants will learn how to strengthen and refine their leadership fundamentals such as communication, self-awareness, influence, and learning agility - as their roles become more complex and demanding. The comprehensive assessments along with coaching and peer learning groups ensure LDP participants have a powerful and personal experience that drives results. An organizational business experiential activity and a wide variety of interactive exercises drive home key lessons, providing insight that can be readily applied back at work. Additionally, follow-up and coaching sessions provide extra support and guidance in the weeks and months in between the workshops.