Dato’ Sri Mohd Hilmey bin Mohd Taib,
Chairman of HeiTech Padu Berhad

“The milestones accomplished by HeiTech over the years since we start business are indeed significant. It gives us a sense of pride to have been a partner that are instrumental in transforming the delivery of Malaysian public services to its citizen.”

Dato’ Sri Mohd Hilmey bin Mohd Taib

Dato’ Sri Mohd Hilmey Mohd Taib was appointed to the Board of HeiTech since 5 August 1994. He graduated with a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) in Accounting from University of Malaya, a Master in Business Administration from Cranfield Institute of Technology, United Kingdom and Master of Science in Management & Strategic Entrepreneurship from Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom. He is a Chartered Accountant and member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).

Prior to joining HeiTech, Dato’ Sri Mohd Hilmey helmed several leadership positions in Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB). In 1995 to 1997, he held his last position in PNB as the Group Chief Executive. Throughout his career, Dato’ Sri Mohd Hilmey has also held several directorships in public listed companies such as Malayan Banking Berhad, Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad, KFC Holdings (M) Berhad, Maxis Communications Berhad, Pasdec Holdings Berhad and several other private companies of various industries prior to focusing on HeiTech Group. Currently, he serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), Chairman of UMP Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and UMP Green Technology Sdn. Bhd. He is also a director in PT Intercity Kerlipan, Cinix1 Pty. Ltd., Motordata Research Consortium Sdn. Bhd. and several other companies within HeiTech Group.


Harris bin Ismail,
President & Group Chief Executive Officer of HeiTech Padu Berhad

Harris Bin Ismail

At the end of 2011, Harris was appointed as Group CEO of HeiTech to oversee the development of HeiTech Group especially on the development of the overseas market. He holds a Master in Business Administration from Southern California University, USA.

Prior to joining HeiTech Group in 2000, Harris was involved in various industries including finance and securities, manufacturing, construction and educational services. He started his career in HeiTech Group as Business Strategist in Padusoft, previously a wholly-owned subsidiary of HeiTech. He was later appointed as Senior Vice President for Corporate Development of HeiTech in 2005 and was later in charge of the non-core IT business in 2006. After successfully transforming the Group and improving profit contribution, he was appointed as CEO of HeiTech e*Business Solution Sdn. Bhd. in 2009, focusing on the development of Homeland Security, Defence, Healthcare and Education sectors.